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Take Me Back to The Beginning

When I saw that 2nd Grade Shenanigans was starting a new linky party for Take Me Back Tuesday I knew I had to jump in on this so that I could not only bring back some of my favorite posts but also let my followers see a bit more about me and the various things that I have done on this blog since it’s beginning.

Take Me Back Tuesday

I have had this specific blog since October 8th, 2009. WOW! That is 4 years of blogging in one spot. Before that I had several different blogs on Blogger and even as far back as Xanga back in 2003. I basically kept them as a journal of sorts. Back in 2009, I started an online scrapbook store and was constantly holding live shows on UStream showing some sort of tutorial, a Scrap Chat, etc. to help connect with my customers. After about 2 years of having an online store as well as working full time as a teacher I had to let one go so we liquidated the store and then I still kept blogging as a scrapbooker.

I started to randomly add some blogging about my teaching but also kept up a class website so that made it a bit more separate. Then in the summer of 2012 I completely transferred my blog to be a teaching blog and am SO happy with the change.

So my post from the past was originally posted on October 15, 2009 and is about one of my first wallhangings that I created for our house after we had gotten married.







I made this wall hanging tonight for my house. My husband and I absolutely love this quote and are always looking for things to put in the house as well. I decided that I would make a nice little wall hanging just for us in the colors of our wedding/bedroom. I’m not quite sure where it will hang yet but it will definitely be treasured and something to enjoy!


Off to go link up with 2nd Grade Shenanigans and check out some other teachers Take Me Backs as well! I promise, I won’t link up to non-teaching each time as I know that you do come to my blog for teaching ideas and tips.

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