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One Little Word 2014: Making Progress

Since January 2011 I have participated in the One Little Word project started by Ali Edwards. Ali began this project a few years prior as a way to focus and dedicate ones life for a year to see the world around you in a different perspective.

That first year my word was Simplify and boy did I do a lot of that during that year. Not only was there physical purging from my house but there was also emotional purging as well. Definitely a year that allowed me to realize that in life it really is the simple things that matter the most.


January 2012 came and my new word was Open. After moving to a new piece of land in the country during the prior year I was totally out of my natural element. I needed to be open to what was to come and allow myself to take it in one piece at a time. That year was a very challenging year for my little family but we made it through it and we moved right into 2013.

Last year it was really hard for me to choose a word that spoke to me because I was going through so much emotionally so I really didn’t settle on a word until mid to late January when Change became evident. Hubby and I had moved back to town, we still owned our property 75 miles away, I started a new job, hubby started a new job and we were back near my family and that was just in January. The year proved to be full of changes and now that I have just wrapped up 2013 I am not hesitant to say that it was probably the best year of our marriage so far. We truly  have embraced each change and been blessed beyond measure.


With all that being said, now it is time for a new word for 2014. As I sat down thinking about what my goals for 2014 were I kept thinking about hard word, determination, and the passion that I have right now and how i want it to continue. With that my word- Persistance– was born. Being persistent is more than being stubborn and bossy (although I do that well), but it is also about making sure things don’t fall through the cracks and staying on target with any project that I start. It’s so important as a business owner to keep the mojo going right along side the motivation but also just as important to take time for myself. 

I am hoping that the blessings from 2013 continue into 2014 so that I can continue to pass them on to others in a grander scale.

Have you thought of a word that might mean something to you that you want to guide you through this year? Feel free to share it with me as I love hearing from others and seeing what they have chose and why. If you have blogged about it, leave a link so that I can take a peek!

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