Monday Made It: Flipping Into a New Interactive Notebook

Another week around here means another set of goals. This past week my goal was to get the samples done for the first unit of one of my latest creations and I did it just by the skin of my teeth!

4th Grade Interactive Notebook

Less than two weeks ago I released the first unit for each of my Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Math Interactive Notebooks. I have to say they are pretty awesome and very detailed! I am loving how they are looking and excited to get started on the next units to stay ahead of the year for you.

Knowing that I was headed to Judson ISD this week to present to some awesome elementary teachers I wanted to have a sample completed of one of the new units so that I could show them just how it looked. I sneaked a lot of pictures on my Instagram this weekend and they were well received from teachers from second grade to high school! How cool is that?

Best Crayons EVER

First, I may have bought some new crayons to help get me started on this project and OH MY HECK where have I been? The Crayola Twistables are my new best friend and I must have every color! I ordered them last week and was so excited when they arrived on Thursday that I had to start coloring right away. I am telling you that with continued usage these do not hurt my hand over time like regular crayons do. I mean, I do a lot of coloring with Interactive Notebooks and I don’t need even more carpal tunnel! These are a lifesaver!

Interactive Notebooks Cover Page

Every notebook starts with a custom cover page! I used some awesome Expressions Tape by Scotch on the cover as I was decorating it up just to give it some color. I might be as in love with this tape as I am Washi Tape!

Interactive Notebook Unit Table of Contents Freebie

While I was creating this new Interactive Notebook I took the advice of a friend and created a Unit Table of Contents. This means that the cover page of each unit has the Table of Contents for each item in that unit. This makes it so much easier for students! You can see at the top there is some tape because this Table of Contents actually has a second page underneath it. That “hinge” that is created allows for the second page to be accessed easily.

Guess what… you can download the Unit Table of Contents for FREE! Click on the picture or link above.

Place Value Number Lines

I can’t tell you how much I am in LOVE with these Interactive Place Value Number Lines. I have them in the 4th and 5th grade bundle with MORE coming! You can see this one is from ones to thousands. The other one is to ten-thousands. Decimals and to MILLIONS is coming!

4th Grade Interactive Notebook Rounding Rainbow

Rounding Rainbow is one of my fun little activities! After sharing this I had some ideas for a set of posters that will be coming soon! I’m telling you, sharing sneak peeks on Instagram continue to give me ideas daily!

4th Grade Interactive Notebook Adding Wheel

When I taught Second Grade my students STRUGGLED, to say the least, with multi-digit addition (and subtraction). To help break that down for students I created these wheels that show each step in a part of the wheel so they can go through and break it down STEP BY STEP as they are working! Talk about working the process!

Whew! I can’t wait to add all 63 photos to the 4th grade Whole Numbers, Place Value and Rounding Unit so that teachers can see! I am SO HAPPY with what I have created and wish I was able to go back and teach it! Oh, and FYI… these units are ALL aligned to the new Math TEKS for 2014 as well as Common Core State Standards.

Off to check out all the great things linked up for Monday Made It this week!

Monday Made It

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  1. I have been using interactive notebooks for a couple of years now with my sixth grade language arts students. Each year, I try to tweak them a bit with some upgrades. I had a question about your unit table of contents. Each ToC is placed at the beginning of each unit and not the front of the notebook? Do you continue counting the pages as a continuation of the previous ToC or do you start with page 1 at the beginning of each unit? Why do you think this method is easier for students to navigate rather than having a complete ToC at the front of the INB?


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