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Check, Check, Double Check!

If you are anything like me in your classroom you survive by checklists! Yes, everything must have a checklists so I can make sure that I don’t leave off one little details. And the things I forget and I still get done… they of course get added to the checklist so I can easily mark them off as done!

How Checklists Work

In true organization style I have always enjoyed using a checklist of the given standards that I was supposed to teach for different reasons. At any given time I have one printed out for each class period as well as in my lesson plan book. Crazy right?

How often are you planning and you want to see of you have covered a standard or not? *save a copy in your lesson planning notebook and mark with dates of when they are taught/assessed*

Where are my students coming from? Where do they need to go next year? *checklists are grouped in three grade levels for easy access of prerequisites and future standards*

How far has this student progressed in their RTI and/or tutoring goals? *three columns next to each standard allow for updating*

And even more importantly, with my middle school students many of them have their own copies to track their progress in certain areas as they work to master the standards. I’ve even provided lower grade levels for my students with IEPs so that they have correlated standards to mark for progress.

Texas has adopted NEW Math TEKS that schools will be implementing fully next year and so I have created a brand new set of standards based checklists for you.

Checklists for Math TEKS

Are you looking for Common Core Checklists? Check out my blogging bestie, MissMathDork, for her Math Checklists.

When you take a moment and grab either of our checklists, please take time to leave feedback. Feedback on freebies help support your TpT teachers and you never know when you can make someone’s day turn around. 🙂

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