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Exploragons 360

Taking Geometry to the Next Level with Exploragons

Throughout the past decade and a half I have always been on the lookout for quality math manipulatives for my classroom. Not only did I want effective math manipulatives for learning but also math manipulatives that served a purpose to meet the needs of my students. In comes meeting some

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Save Paper, Save a Tree!

Today I’m here to share with you a quick Teacher Tip so that you can save paper in your classroom! When you are prepping activities for Math Workshop that you need for multiple students to win, simply copy them on colored card stock (just a few for your station group)

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Are you struggling with implementing Math Workshop at the Middle School level? After many years of using Math Workshop in my classroom I am sharing some of the basics on planning, setting up and implementing math workshop right away!

Math Workshop: Working it Out in Middle School

For many people, implementing Math Workshop in Middle School is a foreign concept. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. You can make it work. I did and I honestly think that my students learned more because of it. Setting Up the Week Many of you

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Using Geometiles in the classroom to deepen your student's understanding of geometry, fractions and more can be fun and engaging!

Making Geometry Click with Geometiles

Thinking back to my days in Geometry (and even before) it was always a struggle for me. There were so many concepts to connect together in such a short amount of time and it truly overwhelmed me. I never had a chance to investigate things with manipulatives longer than maybe

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As a new (or even seasoned ) teacher, you may be struggling with the aspects of what is Response to Intervention (RTI). What does it mean for you as a teacher and what does it mean in your classroom? I'm here to help you understand some basic components as well as link you to a FREEBIE that you can implement in your classroom from Day One (or whenever you need to start).

What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?

Our role as Educators is to ensure all students learn and are successful. In a perfect world, this would be easy. We teach our class a skill or topic and all of those smiling faces are able to comprehend and apply it to their daily lives. However, we don’t live

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Book Study: Guided Math Chapter 6

This week’s chapter is about building up your Guided Math time using a workshop approach. In my classroom I did a lot of workstations with my students to build on concepts that I had covered in our lessons. I can say from personal experience that having a Math Workshop time

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Friday Freebie- Shapes All Around Us

It’s Friday and what does that mean? It’s time to focus on a FREEBIE! This week’s freebie is a math game that I made called Shapes All Around Us. I designed it to be a matching game you would play like memory once students recognized their shapes. Well, one of

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Using Math Stations in the Middle School classroom can be daunting but when you have tried and tested materials created and used by other teachers you know that they can and will work in your classroom while also engaging your students. Math may not be fun for all but these centers are perfect for you sixth, seventh and eighth grader math students.

More Math Stations That Work!

This week I just wanted to post about some amazing work stations that I had once again in my class! I’m thinking this might become a weekly post to share the greatness that is out there! First up, my kiddos played with Hooting Rounding Decimals Dominoes by Bayside Teacher. I

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Organization is Empowering!

This week on a visit to Wal-Mart, I was on a mission to see if they had marked down the Back to School $0.88 items and sure enough, they were now down to $0.30 each. I was on the hunt for more stickers for my classroom as that is working

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