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This week on a visit to Wal-Mart, I was on a mission to see if they had marked down the Back to School $0.88 items and sure enough, they were now down to $0.30 each. I was on the hunt for more stickers for my classroom as that is working as a motivator this year that my students are then able to turn in for various prizes (a sucker, pick your seat for a day, mark 1 ? off homework for the week, etc.). Well, those were all gone but did I ever have a plan for all 54 Index Card boxes that I picked up! I used these boxes to create homes for all of my various Work Station cards and the like because that helps them all stay in a home. I created matching labels for the games I had created and found matching Clip Art for any of the other games that I have used. Because of this, I am now on a mission that all of my games must be able to fit inside these for easy storing. I did create some that were bigger (and will be editing that in the future) and so I have pulled out the Pencil Boxes that I got on sale for $0.50 to contain those like the Order of Operations Task Cards below. I am so excited about this and knew I had to share it with my teacher friends! These boxes are worth EVERY PENNY! I have already labeled all of my other games to put in boxes and got them laminated today so I guess I will be spending my weekend cutting like a mad-woman! If you are interested in checking out any of these games, click on the links below to be directed to my TpT store. -“It’s A Party” (coming next week after we test it in class) -Ordering Rational Numbers -Trick or Treat Equations -Apple-icious Equations -Place Value Task Cards -Order of Operations Task Cards Also, don’t forget about my current FREEBIE of the Interactive Place Value Flippable! It’s only free through 10/15/12 when it will go back to it’s price of $2.00! So if you download it, please take time to rate it as well. 🙂

Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store to download for FREE!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful day today. I am headed home to get some rest as I am in pain once again from Low Potassium and need to get better. I am hoping to get some activities done this weekend but not going to push it too much.

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