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Ratios and Proportions Interactive Notebook {Monday Made It}

Do you ever start working on something and get lost in how long that you work on it because you are TOTALLY loving what you are doing? That is exactly how I feel about my most recent Ratios and Proportions Interactive Notebook bundle as it is my favorite so far! I know that I spent over 35 hours on this bundle with all that I did and wouldn’t have it any other way. Ready to get a peek?

Proportional Frayer Model

Vocabulary for each unit is so important to me as is using Frayer Models to help students build a complete understand of the words they are learning.

Unit Rates with Fractions Flippable

Unit Rates are where we start when it comes to ratios and proportions. Helping students see the equivalent fractions that also simplify down to per unit helps reinforce skills learned from reducing fractions.

Finding Unit Rates Solve and Snip

Solving for Unit Rates is a necessary skill in daily life and using the Unit Rates Solve and Snip for practice in an Interactive Notebook is a great way for students to hone in on the necessary skills before moving on to proportions.

Comparing Quantities with WKU FlippableI started teaching proportions using WKU about 4 years ago and have NEVER looked back! Breaking down the parts of a proportion into Word, Known and Unknown allows students to double check their process before moving on to solve.

Identifying Constant in Tables and Graphs Flippable

Reading proportional problems and creating tables and graphs based on the information is a skill that builds upon proportionality and is crucial as students move further.

Graphing Proportional Relationships Mini Book

I love this little mini book where very little information is provided ahead of time for the student (allows for the teacher to adjust the constant weight gain over time as needed). This mini book allows students to not only apply the skills previously learned on graphs and tables but to also input equations and a verbal description to basically write their own word problem.

WRITING and DESCRIBING what they have learned is important for students to truly demonstrate full understanding of the standard.

Interest, Tax and Commission FlippableInterest, Tax and Commission is so real life and therefore important. We all must pay Sales Tax on items that we buy, we earn interest on money we save and commission on items we sell to others if in a job that provides that benefit.

When working on word problems related to these topics, it is important to make them relative to the students so they realize that they could easily be in that situation as well.

Percent Increase and Percent Decrease Flippable

Percent Increase and Decrease are extremely confusing for students but again, very real life and relative to shopping of any kind.

There are actually two Solve and Snips for Percent Increase and Decrease (my mistake when I was creating them) and you can find them separate from this bundle here and here.

Scale Factor Flippable

Scale Factor has become a favorite of mine because I absolutely love being able to create new spaces on graph paper and just imagine all the amazing things I could put in a larger bedroom, porch, etc. It’s the dreamer in me!

Unit Wrap Up Mini Book and PocketAnd of course review is necessary. In this Wrap-Up, students are given a mission to create an inclusive study guide All About Proportional Reasoning so that they may not only use it to study from but engage those neurons as they are reviewing back through their Interactive Notebook before an upcoming test. Not only are they reading what they wrote, remembering what they did in class, rewording it in their mind but also rewriting it for future review.

As you can see, this has been my baby. I absolutely LOVE teaching Ratios and Proportions and it excites me when students see how they relate to fractions and so many different real life concepts.

If you are interested in this bundle feel free to click on any of the pictures above, or click here, and you will be taken directly to my Teachers Pay Teachers store where you can grab it today! I will tell you that the pictures above do not do the bundle justice as I just can’t make a blog post with 90+ photos.

Monday Made It

Since I have created this in the last month, I am linking up with Monday Made It this month over on Fourth Grade Frolics. Don’t forget to check out some of the other amazing things that teachers have created for their classrooms and their homes.

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