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Regrouping Fractions Flippable

Remember when Mrs. Buitron wrote a post awhile back about using some of my Interactive Notebooks in her classroom? Well, here she is to share once again.

I am pretty sure EVERYONE knows how great these flippables are, if not let me tell you 🙂

Our district math coordinator came in to observe me and she fell ♥ with my INB! Her fave part were the Vocabulary Frayer Models! I got great feedback on how wonderful the INB was!

Regrouping Fractions Flippable

I may not have the best looking flippables, but  I thought I’d share my own creations. My students needed extra help on adding mixed #s and regrouping  fractions….so here is what I came up with:

Regrouping with Fractions Steps

Regrouping Fractions InsideI’m so happy to see photos from teachers who are using Interactive Notebooks to truly engage their teachers. I am also starting to head out into some classrooms and let students tell me all about their Interactive Notebooks and what they have learned as well as doing some teacher visits. If you are interested in me coming out for a visit, feel free to contact me and we can possibly set something up.

Thanks again Mrs. Buitron for the great things from your classroom!

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