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Interactive Notebooks and New Students

interactive Notebooks Question and Answer with 4mulaFun

Question from Karen:

“I was just wondering how you handle new students enrolling in your class and getting them caught up or starting an INB.  I have recently had 2 new students enroll and we have finished 9 weeks of school and already completed pages 1-22.  I really don’t want to have to create notebooks for them or create/re-create the foldables for them, etc.  So, just hoping for some advice on how you handle this kind of thing.”


What a great question that regularly comes up in my Interactive Notebook workshops. What I tend to do is have 2-3 notebooks on my bookshelf that have all of the beginning information (cover sheet, table of contents, rubric, guidelines, etc.) already pre-created for new students. That way when they come in I have them start with the unit that we are on because they will start right in with us.

I have them just number from there along with my page numbers so they are on the right track and can jump right on in with you and your class.

If a student comes in and we are finishing up a unit (or happen to be testing- it happens), I have them formally start with the next unit.

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