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Teacher Toolbox Tip for Assessment & Giveaway

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I know that as a teacher we are always have to “assess” our students. Now a lot of the time that we spend assessing our students we tend to think of the district required benchmarks, state testing, grade level equivalence testing, etc. But what about just regular informal assessment?

Now, we know that we can observe students to determine if they understand something as well as review an assignment to see if they have grasped a concept, but for me the best way has been an Exit Ticket or Post It, Prove It.

I love using both of them in my classroom (and workshops) to take a quick snapshot of where all of my students are. I use Exit Tickets and Post It, Prove Its that are both open ended in nature so that students really do have to SHOW me or TELL me (through writing) what they have grasped a knowledge of. I can also tell really quickly those that need a bit more assistance.

Assess with Exit Tickets

As you can see with this Exit Ticket, there is room for the student to answer the question as well as the ability for them to shade in the stoplight color for where THEY think their comprehension level is. (Feel FREE to grab this Unit Rate Exit Ticket HERE for FREE!!!)

Exit Slips Bucket

Now, my tips with Exit Tickets… get a bucket that students just slip the paper in. I use a simple Sterlite container with a label on it that says Exit Slips. My rule is, “Once it is in, it can’t come out.” I don’t want students second guessing themselves and changing what their thoughts were. I want their honest thinking but I also stress them to think before answering.

4mulaFun Workshop Post It, Prove It

I’ve talked about Post It, Prove It tips before and I can’t stress enough to make sure that students DO NOT put their name on the front of the post it. I tell my students to put it on the back under the sticky area so that they are anonymous to anyone else who walks by the chart.

The Teacher Studio: It's An All New Giveaway

You may have seen yesterday that I am to be joining in with one of my Blogging BFF’s (really she is) on her “It’s All New!” Giveaway to celebrate her first year Blogging Anniversary. The Teacher Studio (formerly Fourth Grade Studio) has totally revamped her blog design and is doing a week of giveaways.

Well, I am not only doing one day but I am doing two, so jump on over to The Teacher Studio and get in on the fun of winning some $$$ for some serious shopping! You have through TOMORROW to enter this giveaway so get in on it early for your chance to win.

Editable Exit Tickets

And if you are interested in grabbing my Editable Exit Tickets for only $1.50, jump on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store today! Just add a text box with your question and you are good to go for ANY subject!

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