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Post-It, Prove It! An Exit Ticket Strategy

Roughly twice a week in my class I have some sort of “Exit Ticket” for my students to do. I normally give them one that has directed questions to solve over what we have covered or an open-ended response, and then we always do a Post-It, Prove It! A Post-It, Prove It! is where I will pose a skill to my students and they must prove that they know what I have taught by showing an example and working through it.

Post-It, Prove It! An Exit Ticket Strategy

Last week after we discussed positive and negative integer rules, I posed the situation to my students to “Write an equation equal to -6.” I put a sheet of chart paper on the front board and then students were able to create their own equation. I had several students who I could definitely tell had the skill down because they were able to answer quickly and to the point. Some of my students even took it a step further and created a word problem as well.

Post-It, Prove It! An Exit Ticket Strategy

Post-It, Prove It! An Exit Ticket Strategy

Post-It, Prove It! An Exit Ticket Strategy

Now of course I had a few who didn’t follow directions (equations that don’t equal -6) and some that were off a bit more. These are the students I know now that need extra help in working with integers.

This week I gave my students homework on working with Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Integers. Yes, a week after we studied the concept. They have a quiz this Friday that they can use their INBs on and answer accordingly. One section of the quiz even has them fill in the various rules and give an example. Talk about spiraling back! 🙂 Next week, they will get homework with all four operations to review even more.

I am really liking that extension of homework this year. We literally cram our lesson in during class and get minimal practice together due to the 45 minute class and I follow up throughout the week and reinforce each skill and build upon them and then the next week they receive some practice. By the time the practice comes around, most of my students are at the level of mastery and homework is easy for them! What a great way to feel successful in math! You have grasped the concept, built upon your foundations and now are proving it through practice.

I tell you, I love my job more and more everyday. Now, if I could just get home before 7 pm one night so my hubby won’t think I have abandoned him.

Tomorrow, I plan to share with you some great review games I have made for equations. I have made two versions of the game and am excited to bring them into the classroom next week!

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