What a Week…

Five for Friday

Wow, where has this week gone? Seems like it was just Saturday BUT I will say, I have been super busy.

Relaxing with the GIrls

Well, how can I say super busy when the girls have required me to take a nap twice this week. They seek my lap as soon as I put my laptop (or whatever I am working with) down and just tell me, “Mama, it’s nap time so let’s snuggle!” Yep, they are too cute.

Percent Proportions Flippable

I might be a bit excited about this flippable as I have a friend who I will be subbing for (more about that below) next Monday and she told me I have full reign to create the lesson. The students are learning about Setting Up Percent Proportions so we will be doing this flippable from the 6th Grade Common Core Bundle and then following it up with Percent Proportions Solve and Snip.

Planning Out my Month

I have been using my planner like crazy lately. I not only use it to keep track of things that are coming but but I also keep track of things that I do each day so when I am looking back to determine when I talked to someone, posted a product, worked on a new product last, etc. I can just easily tell. I will tell you this has TREMENDOUSLY helped me see where my time is going in my business. I am seeing that I do spend at least 4-5 hours a day working on products while we won’t even talk about how many hours I spend on Social Media connecting with you, my followers and friends.

Ipsy Glam Bag

One of my indulgences is getting an Ipsy Glam Bag each month. Ipsy is a subscription service that is $10 each month and comes with a small makeup bag filled with goodies. The goodies above were sent to me this month (everyone receives different items). I used the Lip Crayon by Bombshell today and LOVE it. 6 hours later and it is still on and moisturizing my lips!

**If you are interested in subscribing, feel free to click the picture to go through my referral code.**

Elementary Substitute Report FREEBIEToday was my first day subbing in my local district. I did happen to teach in this district for four years so it is totally like coming home, never mind that I also graduated from the district almost 15 years ago!

Well as a teacher I know how important it is to be able to come back to organized information from the substitute so I made a cute form that makes it easy for a sub to use (or even for you to leave for your sub to use) and it is in Editable form for FREE! Just click the pic above and you can download it. I have taken out my information so that if you are a sub you can put yours there. I will tell you the font that I used is KG Melondheadz and can be downloaded for FREE to use here!

Thanks once again to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this Five for Friday Linky Party! Off to go check out some fellow teachers and what all they have been doing this week.

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