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New Toolbox Strategy, FREEBIE and It’s All New! Giveaway

What’s in your toolbox lately?

Teacher Toolbox

I know that I am constantly adding new things to my toolbox so that I can help students in different ways. One thing that I am constantly working on with students is to build their visualization strategies when relating them to word problems in math.

When we are working with students to process word problems, I tend to tell them it is just like a short story with a conflict that we must figure out. We must decide what information is pertinent versus information that is there to distract us from the conflict. When we are solving a conflict we must go in a logical order just like we do when solving a problem.

Visualizing Strategies

Drawing representations or models is a great way for students to visualize what they are reading so that they can put on paper what they are thinking in their head not only to “see” what they are thinking but also a double check that they have read the problem correctly. This is a great time to ask the question, “From what you have read, is your representation/model logical?”

Keep on the lookout for MORE to add to your Teacher Toolbox!

Fraction Flip Freebie
Next, I have a FREEBIE for you today that I am so happy to have just recently created. Not only is this activity GREAT for comparing and ordering fractions, but you can also take out cards based on the level of your learners and use them to add and subtract fractions with like denominators, discuss parts of a whole and MANY more activities.

The Teacher Studio: It's An All New Giveaway

I am so thrilled to be joining in with one of my Blogging BFF’s (really she is) on her “It’s All New!” Giveaway to celebrate her first year Blogging Anniversary. The Teacher Studio (formerly Fourth Grade Studio) has totally revamped her blog design and is doing a week of giveaways.

So today, jump on over to The Teacher Studio and get in on the fun of winning some $$$ for some serious shopping! You have through TOMORROW to enter this giveaway so get in on it early for your chance to win.

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