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Problem Solving with Matchbook Flippables

Sometimes we as teachers just need something different in our classroom. I know that I’m one that can’t do the same thing over and over again and when I am able to find a new way to do some practice work, I’m all over it. Recently I started looking into

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Proportions are my FAVORITE thing!

Recently I asked on my Facebook page what teachers favorite thing to teach were and while the answers were as varied as those who responded, I got a lot of questions about why proportions were my FAVORITE thing to teach. When I began teaching middle school I was reminded of

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Why are Non-Examples Important in Education?

Every year when I begin using Frayer Models for vocabulary I have to teach what non-examples are to my students. Students are used to working in a world of creating examples and rationales behind their learning but not defining what their learning isn’t. What is a Non-Example? A Non-Example is

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15 Spook-tastic Halloween Activities!

I couldn’t help myself, after the 5 Fab Fall Freebies for Math round-up, I had to do one for Halloween too! Turns out, there’s a crazy amount of Halloween activities out there – freebies, book lists, art projects, and more! So grab a pumpkin spice latte, we’re going to be here awhile! Don’t

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It is Done!

I might just be singing from the mountain tops right now because this unit for third grade is DONE! I have been SO busy lately and feel horrible that it is done 36 hours past when I had set my deadline but yes my friends… it is SO DONE! Well,

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What Really is an Interactive Notebook? What do they entail? Research shows that when students interact and engage kinesthetically with what they are learning then their understanding will deepen and be built to a higher level of cognition.

What Really is an Interactive Notebook?

If you have been reading my blog for any time you know that I am passionate about the use of Interactive Notebooks as a part of learning in the classroom. Each time I am out and about for professional developments I work with teachers from all ranges of the spectrum

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Monday Made It: A Glimpse into 4th Grade Math

It seems like it has been awhile since I created a video so today was the day! I created a video to show you where I am so far in the creation of my 4th Grade Interactive Notebook! I am absolutely loving the pages in Unit One and already working

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Elementary Workshop Wrap-Up for Judson ISD

Talk about having a blast with a great group of teachers! Tuesday I was once again blessed to be in Judson ISD where I was working with 3rd-5th grade teachers on Integrating Interactive Notebooks in their classrooms. I’m just saying.. we had a blast despite some obstacles. Obstacles you say?

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