Preparing Your Students for Interactive Notebook Success

As we start back to school and are getting our ducks in a row, it is important to prepare our students for success when they are using their Interactive Notebooks. Last year I created an editable Expectation Guide for you to use in your classroom to help get things started. You can grab it for FREE to use in your classroom!

Expectation Guide

I’ve had several teacher email me recently asking on what I put under each section so I thought I should probably blog about it to share that information with you. Remember that YOUR NOTEBOOK MAY VARY and therefore your expectations in your classroom may vary so please don’t take my word as the be-all-end-all as we all have our own ways of doing things.




As you can see this puts the basic expectations out there for students (and parents) and keeps them abreast of what to expect throughout the school year. When it is already presented to them in this format they know what to expect and what will be expected.

Enjoy your school year and happy notebooking!

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