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Setting Up Interactive Notebooks with Video

Setting Up Interactive Notebooks from the Beginning

Time and time again I am asked numerous questions about Interactive Notebooks because people know that I not only LOVE INBs but I have been using them, creating them and training other teachers on them for the better part of the past decade. Recently one of my Facebook Group members

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Rotations Reflections and Translations

Transformations Can Be Tricky!

Each year, I secretly love when I get to teach transformations because I not only enjoy teaching them but I love seeing the LIGHT in student’s eyes when they finally grasp on to what they are or they are able to teach a classmate. Seriously the best part of teaching.

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Are you struggling with implementing Math Workshop at the Middle School level? After many years of using Math Workshop in my classroom I am sharing some of the basics on planning, setting up and implementing math workshop right away!

Math Workshop: Working it Out in Middle School

For many people, implementing Math Workshop in Middle School is a foreign concept. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. You can make it work. I did and I honestly think that my students learned more because of it. Setting Up the Week Many of you

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Creating Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks

If you are like me there are times where creating a diagram is necessary to show how something works. When I was teaching fifth grade we had so many diagrams and they were up all over our classroom because I didn’t know better. This made it really hard for my

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Tape In Interactive Notebooks

Taming the Tape Monster in Interactive Notebooks

You know exactly what I mean. Sometimes it is just easier to use tape in interactive notebooks for things or you need tape because you are creating a hinge of sorts with papers that you are putting in your notebook. It is just a necessity. You cringe at the thought

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Are you interested in using Interactive Notebooks in multiple subjects but concerned with the transitions that your students will lose them or they will fall apart? Check out these tips gathered from teachers who are proving they can work in their classroom.

Using Interactive Notebooks in Multiple Subjects

Recently Emily sent me a message with a great question. I put that out to the fabulous teachers on my Facebook Page last week and we got some great responses. Emily asked, “Next year I will be working with a partner teacher to teach 4 subjects. Our kids are only

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