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Problem Solving with Matchbook Flippables

Sometimes we as teachers just need something different in our classroom. I know that I’m one that can’t do the same thing over and over again and when I am able to find a new way to do some practice work, I’m all over it. Recently I started looking into using Matchbook Flippables to do some practice in a small space (we are talking 3″ Post Its peeps!)

As I was sitting down to answer some questions from some followers about new ways to work with decimals, I immediately pulled out the Matchbook Flippable to have something small and not overwhelming for students. This activity is PERFECT for any concept so pay attention.

First of all, you will need to grab the FREE Matchbook Flippable Template that I have available for you. Yes, it is editable! Each page has 3 matchbooks on it so this works perfectly for saving some paper if you are just needing to print them out but you also get the PNG to be able to add in as you see fit. Now back to this fun practice flippable.

I was working with Decimal Operations AND Problem Solving. For me, anytime that I have taught decimal operations I have related it to money! Yes, money! And this wasn’t going to be any different.

Matchbook Decimal ProblemsFirst thing after assembling the matchbook, you can either give students a decimal problem or allow them to choose one of their own.

Matchbook_Decimal_Addition3Next up, it’s time to WRITE A PROBLEM around the numbers in this problem. As you can see, I decided to have my buddy Mary Elise (totally made up person although my cousin’s middle name is Elise) get in on some sale shopping so she would have some warmer clothes!

OnceMatchbook_Decimal_Addition4 the problem is written, flip to the next post it and solve.Not only will students need to solve the problem but they should also check their work performing the inverse operation.


Finally, it all comes down to writing the answer on the inside flap of the matchbook. This is just an extra step but allows for quick checking of student’s work.

Not only are these something that would work in an interactive notebook, but wouldn’t they also be cute for a bulletin board in the hallway? I could totally see other students reading the word problems and solving checking the work of others.

What about taking it another step and adding this into an interactivity where students are doing their holiday shopping? You could have them do one matchbook per person they were shopping for and they could even add in the pictures of each with them.

Matchbook Flippable TemplateThe ideas are endless! Don’t miss out on grabbing this FREEBIE!

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