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Taming the Tape Monster in Interactive Notebooks

You know exactly what I mean. Sometimes it is just easier to use tape in interactive notebooks for things or you need tape because you are creating a hinge of sorts with papers that you are putting in your notebook. It is just a necessity.

You cringe at the thought of using tape though because you just know that Tommy or Phillip is going to pull out 6 feet of tape just because they can. Or you are going to find pieces of tape all over the floor, the desks and kids faces. Or you will run out of tape in every dispenser by third period. Right?

Using Tape In Interactive Notebooks doesn't have to be Frustrating! Check out this quick tip to save your sanity (and resources) today!

I’m here to help!

I scored these Scotch Magic Tape Donut Dispensers and OH MY HECK are they a life changer when it comes to working in Interactive Notebooks.

  1.  There is no open spot so the tape is always clean.
  2.  The edge to tear on isn’t exposed so no cuts on students who are reaching into the box of supplies.
  3.  They are super easy to refill with regular Scotch Magic Tape (my fav).
  4.  They come in lots of cute colors to match any decor.
  5.  The dispensers are heavy duty plastic that will not break with a few uses from some tough kids.

Being that they are small (about 4″ in diameter), they fit easily into group supply tubs at your desks and make for easy clean up. Now that I have these to use I won’t got back to the cheap tape dispensers that easily break. I promise this is one expense that is worth it’s weight in gold to have in your classroom. A quick lesson on how to use them (as they are different than regular tape dispensers) and your students will be using tape in interactive notebooks effectively!

There ya have it, now go tame your Tape Beast in your classroom!

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