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Creating Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks

If you are like me there are times Creating Diagrams in Your Interactive Notebooks doesn't have to be a struggle. Take some time to plan ahead with these easy tips and you will be a PRO in no time!where creating a diagram is necessary to show how something works. When I was teaching fifth grade we had so many diagrams and they were up all over our classroom because I didn’t know better. This made it really hard for my students to actually use the diagrams to retain the knowledge.

Now that I have been using Interactive Notebooks for the past four years I wish that I had been using my students lab books (composition notebooks) better back then. I remember we had a lab where we talked about weathering, erosion and deposition and my students used their pencils and drew pictures. HOW BORING! Color is so much more fun and can add to their learning.

Creating Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks- Making them Interactive While Still Getting the "meat" of the InformationI love using the Tri-Fold Mini Book Template to create flowing lessons that build upon each other or diagrams with room to identify things.

The front section allows me to title the flippable for Weathering, Erosion and Deposition while also being a little creative. Most of the time my students only do the extra creating when they are at home and studying. Inside class time is used for the actual diagram creation as well as labeling.

The extra side on one of Creating Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks- Making them Interactive While Still Getting the "meat" of the Informationthe flaps allows the students to keep definitions for each of the terms that are involved in this flippable. I love that we can also color-coordinate them with the title words and areas in the diagram.


Creating Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks- Making them Interactive While Still Getting the "meat" of the Information

When you open up the Three-Flap Mini Book it gives plenty of space for the diagram for the process of Weathering, Erosion and Deposition. I only wish this was how I taught my fifth graders (who have now graduated) because I think it could have really helped. Believe me, I have sent it on to quite a few friends who still teach as 5th Grade is a testing grade for Science and any visual the students can use will help!

Do you love using Flippables as much as I do? Check out the Flippable Template Pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers store today where you will get this flippable (and 80 others) in printable and EDITABLE format for you to use today in your classroom!

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