Math in the Real World- Smoothie Madness

“When are we EVER going to use THIS?!”  This statement… this one little statement has caused fear and panic to run through MANY a math teacher’s veins!  It’s not like you won’t use math in the real world… but sometimes as soon as that question is uttered we have a mind-melting-moment and cannot come up with just the right words to say.
So to help give you some real world, possibly out of the box thinking type ideas, my Book Blogging Buddies and I have come up with an idea that we think will be A-MAY-ZING!!


Presenting….. math IS real life!  A monthly REAL WORLD math blog link-up hosted by 4mulaFunFourth Grade StudioTeaching to Inspire in 5th, AND MissMathDork,
So here is how this will work…. on the FIRST Wednesday of every month (today is the first one!!!) all four of us will create a blog post about how we have RECENTLY used math in our real life – not just counting or time…. but topics that your kiddos will be able to relate to at various level of upper elementary and middle school.  Then at the bottom of all four of our blogs we will have a link-up that will sync between all four blogs.  This means you link up to one of us and it will be visible on all 4 blogs! 
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So for the last few months I have posted a few times about my LOVE for making protein smoothies here at home. I love it so much that there I crave them at times and that is the only thing I will eat for a meal. Crazy, I know! 🙂


So this past week as I am sitting down with my smoothie and making my list for the grocery store (dreaded chore), I decided that I really wanted to see how much I was saving by making them at home rather than purchasing the $6 Smoothie King drink each day.

Well here was my breakdown:

– 48 ounce Bag of Frozen Cherries from Sam’s- $8.98 (yields 12 smoothies)
– Quart of Almond Milk -$1.98 (yields 4 smoothies)
– Organic Hemp Protein Powder from Trader Joe’s- $11.98 (yields 30 smoothies)
– Organic Peanut Butter from Trader Joe’s- $2.98 (yields 16 smoothies)

Yes, that is the basic components of ALL of my Smoothies. Sometimes I change it up Chocolate Almond Milk, different frozen fruit, but always the same recipe for the most part. Why? Because it works and why change it?

So I have first have to find a common factor between all of them. I knew that 60 was a common factor of 12, 4 and 30 so it was up to determining the scale factor for 16. Okay so 60/16=3.75.

60 smoothies of cherries: $44.90
60 smoothies of Almond Milk= $29.70
60 smoothies of Protein Powder= $23.96
60 smoothies of Peanut Butter= $11.18
Grand Total for 60 Smoothies: $109.82

Price per Smoothie: $1.83

HOLY MOLY! Now, I am really saving because I did splurge the other day and after a trip to Target I stopped by Smoothie King and grabbed a Smoothie for my lunch and a regular size smoothie with soy protein (can’t do whey because of my dairy issues) and nothing else “extra” added was $5.82. I could have had 3 smoothies at home for that price!

How is this applicable to our classes? Every day we see families eating out for convenience. I am guilty of it myself. Showing them that it really does make a difference to take the time and make things at home to save money over just saving time and grabbing something on the go.

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We are so incredibly excited to read about how YOU use MATH in your REAL LIFE!!!

6 thoughts on “Math in the Real World- Smoothie Madness”

  1. Love it! That might be next week’s real life math problem to my Year 4/5’s! They will of course want to make the item, lol! I might splurge my precious time and allow it if they can solve the problem 😛

    Thanks for sharing!

    • That would be totally awesome! Maybe take out the protein powder and use strawberries instead (cheaper by far) and regular milk will work if kids aren’t allergic to dairy.

      I would totally love to see pictures so that I can add them to this post or post on my Facebook Fan Page.

  2. Jenn – LOVE this. I think I may be using this example with my resource class the first few weeks of school. The kiddos would love the hands-on, tasty nature of this!!


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