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Engage Your Teaching to Collide with Extreme Learning

The solution to developing engaged learners through interactive activities in your math classroom and beyond!

Say Goodbye to stagnant math lessons that provide no engagement for the learner and go beyond the “sit & get” style of teaching. 

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Interactive Learning and Engaged Teaching has been our style since 2003, crossing Elementary to College classrooms.

We love the Smith Curriculum & Consulting activities for Math Workshop. Since implementing Math Workshop activities, we’ve seen an increase in student engagement. Students look forward to coming to math class on “Workshop Fridays.” While teaching summer school, we’ve been able to implement our Math Workshop activities to break up the monotony of Summer school. Learning during the summer is made fun with Math Workshop!

Faith Miller
Instructional Coach in Texas

Jennifer is an Educational Superstar! After visiting my class, we were ready to put our new ideas into place on a daily basis. The new hands-on activities we received helped the students to understand concepts in a fun and exciting way.

Tara Garland
5th Grade Teacher in Georgia

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Meet Jennifer

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I help teachers by developing interactive and engaging math activities and lessons that can be used in all classrooms for any learner!

As a consultant, I also provide Professional Development to train teachers in the benefits of interactive notebooks, Math Workshop and other interactive learning methods.

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