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Sharks, Sickness, Puppies and Projects…

So what do they all have in common? Well, they were all a part of my week!

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First up, it’s SHARK WEEK! I never have really focused on watching Shark Week but it’s been nice this week to be able to watch it here and there and learn some new things. Gotta love how it’s trending on Facebook and Twitter and able to share with others!

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I started getting the unknown stomach bug on Saturday and oh my goodness was it horrid. I don’t wish stomach issues on anyone especially when you have way too much to do to stop and let yourself be sick. I’m getting better with the help of lots of sleep, Sprite, and Pepto. Laying on my stomach either on the floor or in bed was my “comfort zone.”


Earlier this week I forged through for my Monday Made It to show off my binder tabs that I created! I “may” have a tutorial coming for you soon related to these.

photo 4

My puppies (Maddy pictured) have been super lazy this week. Each of them are sleeping long and hard during the day, playing for hours in the afternoon/evening with intermittent naps and then sleeping hard at night. Is it the 100 degree temperature outside that is wearing them out? They are only out there for a max of 3-4 hours a day and not all at once.

photo 5

And last but not least, I have been working day and night on a HUGE project that I can’t wait to release the first stages of (hopefully this weekend if I can get samples made). It has, and will continue to be, my labor of love as it is something I am SO passionate about! Stay tuned for more details!


Thanks to Doodlebugs Teaching for letting me link up once again this week! Check out her blog to see what some other teachers have been up to this week!

Psst…. Any guesses on what #5 is? Take a guess (only the first one counts) and leave a comment. I will choose from all entries the day I upload it to either win it for free (up to $15 value- haven’t determined yet) or a $10 credit to my store if it’s not for your grade level.


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