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ePIc Week of Pi Day 1 – Lindsay Perro’s Favorite Pi Activity

Epic Week of Pi Day 1

Welcome to the 4mulaFun ePIc Week of Pi! All this week we’re going to have posts from teachers about how they celebrate Pi Day in their classrooms, giveaways and freebies, plus an ePIc Pi Giveaway of over $314 worth of goodies! To start us off this week, Lindsay Perro is sharing her hands-on cylinder activity. At the bottom of the post, enter Lindsay’s giveaway and the ePIc Giveaway!

Lindsay Perro's Favorite Pi Day Activity

Lindsay PerroHello 4mulaFun readers! I’m Lindsay Perro and I’m so happy to be kicking off this Epic Week of Pi! Pi Day is a holiday that only true math nerds like us can appreciate! My favorite activity to use in my classroom for Pi Day was a hands on cylinder activity. Before we got to that, I kicked off class by having students fill out a graphic organizer with some cool facts about Pi. They were then given a printable page that has the first few hundred digits of Pi. It was always so neat to give them this page because I don’t think many really understand just what it means for a number to go on infinitely!

Hands-On Pi Day Cylinder ActivityFor the hands on activity, I brought in a variety of cylinders for students to measure and find the volume of. It was a nice break from traditional worksheets and kept the students engaged since they had to actually measure everything themselves. Some of the items I brought in were a paint can, a soda can, a flower vase, shampoo bottle, etc. You can grab this activity here! In case you are unable to gather these items, the resource contains a sheet that provides students with circles to reflect the bases of the items and gives the heights.

In honor of the Epic Pi Day this year I’m raffling off a mini bundle containing my Pi Day Cylinders Activity, my Area and Circumference of Cylinders Coloring Worksheet and a $10 TPT Gift Certificate. The raffle closes Friday so be sure to enter below!

Hands-On Pi Day Cylinder Activity Raffle

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Epic Pi Giveaway – Over $314 In Prizes
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