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ePIc Week of Pi Day 4 – Teaching Math by Hart’s Pi Day Celebration

ePIc Week of Pi Day 4 – Teaching Math by Hart’s Pi Day Celebration

ePIc Pi Week is *almost* at it’s end – but we’re not winding down yet! Today we have Kim from Teaching Math by Hart and she’s giving us the FULL run-down of her Pi Day Celebration! Even better, along with the ePIc Pi Giveaway – she’s giving away a copy of her Pi Day Celebration activities! 

Hi there! I’m Kim from Teaching Math by Hart, and I am here to tell you that I LOVE Pi Day!

I always make it my personal mission to make a big deal out of it, especially this year, as it is going to be EPIC!

Here’s a glimpse at how I celebrate Pi day:

Pi Day Celebration Schedule

Every year Pi day looks a little different. I’ve celebrated the day simply within my math classes, I’ve celebrated with my whole team, and I’ve also organized the day for a whole grade level. I’ve done small scale and large scale celebrations, and they have always been well worth the organization required. The kids (and teachers) always have a blast!

Here’s just a few of my favorite activities I do with my students throughout the day.

Pi competitionPi Memorization

I don’t think Pi day is complete without a memorization competition. A week in advance I inform students of the competition and provide them with cards with the first 100 or so digits of Pi. I had a student last year blow my class record of 170 digits out of the water, by memorizing 217! My mouth was literally on the floor!

Interesting Pi FactsPi Facts

Read interesting facts about Pi to your students throughout the day, or post them around your classroom. If there is time, use these facts to create a short trivia game that students can compete in at the end of the day.

Pi Day ChallengesPi Challenges

I do a couple of these throughout the day as quick engagement activities. One activity the kids really enjoy is making a list of all the words they can think of that start with “pi”.

Pineapple… Pieces… Pick…

“Pi”e Activities

Pi Day wouldn’t be complete without some actual pie.

Two ideas – pie eating competition, pie throwing auction – enough said!

Want to celebrate Pi Day, but don’t have the time to plan it?

Check out my full resource for a fun-filled Pi Day here.

Pi Day Celebrations

Better yet…want to win a copy?
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Happy Pi Day to all my fellow Math teachers! Have an ePIc one!

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