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Summer 2013 Bucket List…

I’ve never been one to make a Bucket List after all that I have seen about them online or in person but I feel this year MUST be different. I need direction and guidance for the Summer as there are just SO MANY things that I want (and need) to do/get done. So, maybe it’s a goal list, maybe it’s a list of direction but gosh, darn it… I need to start somewhere!


Where does that leave me? Oh yea, I need to make my list.

Well let’s start with things I want to get done on my blog…


While we are talking things online, what about things I want to get done for 4mulaFun…


And since I predominately work from home, maybe some household things…


And since my hubby lives with me, maybe some things to do with him…


I’d say that makes for a pretty full Summer and that’s not counting various things I already have planned (can’t put already planned items on your Bucket List since you already have them scheduled).

So what are you plans for the summer? Have you blogged about them? Share them with me so I can hold you accountable as well!

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