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Art Therapy with a Friend

Last week I was able to take some time with a friend, who I also work with, to attend an Art Class. In this art class, we were to follow the directions of instructor and could stray at some points to make them our own.

First steps where to paint the background orange (basically a primer) and then draw any amount of squares and fill in the remaining with a dark blue (mix of blue and black).


So far, so good. Then it was up to us how we wanted to do the layered squares within. This is where it could all go wrong. So goes as we are watching (well at least listening) to the instructor and this is where her painting came out to be.


All nice and pretty! Now where did mine end up? Well, I will show you!


At the end my friend, and co-worker, Crystal posed for a photo together to show off our same, but different, paintings. It was so fun to be able to get away from the house, not think about work and just allow art to be our therapy! We are already planning another trip.


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