What’s Your Word?

2011. This is the year. This is the year that I choose a word. This is the year that I follow that word in all that I say and do. This is the year I become me.

Over the past month or so I have really been reflecting back on many things in life. Michael and I have had some ups and downs and through every single one of them, what comes out as important to me is that I have my life, I have my husband and I have the basic necessities. I have decided that 2011 is my year to simplify. Simplify everything in my life. Simplify my work. Simplify my studio. Simplify my house. Simplify living.

My plan is starting to unfold over the course of the next few weeks. Friday is our last day in class this year and then I have two weeks off where I plan to begin to simplify. My goals during those two weeks are:

1. Living Room closet (take everything out, put two shelving units in the closet, organize holiday storage in the closet)
2. Studio (finish going through the items on my shelves, bring in remaining boxes from garage, put items away, remove old items from closet, donate to Life Skills at CMS)
3. Garage (empty off two shelving units for Living Room closet, take items out from back half of garage to begin sorting and organizing items for garage sale, clear doorway for Molly to get to her side yard)

This is a grand list for sure when you throw the holidays in with it as well and all of my other commitments. I do hope that I have not put it out for others to see that I will hold myself accountable to these things.

Did you have a word for 2010? How did it impact your life? Have you chosen a word for 2011? What do you plan to do with your word?

Leave me a comment! I will choose one person to win a special tag from me for motivation with your 2011 word on it in a special and creative way.

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