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Handmade From the Heart

Upcoming on the Live.Teach.Create UStream will be “Handmade From the Heart” on Friday, December 17th at 8 p.m. Central time. If you need to know what time this is in other time zones, please head on over to World Time Server to convert the time change for you.

This show will be full of Handmade Gifts that require just what you have on hand. The first thing that I have planned is a button wreath ornament. Currently we don’t have a tree up (getting it this weekend) but I do like the look of some fun and cute ornaments so why not make some of my own.

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Another thing that has been looming on my to-do list is my gift for my husband. This year we have decided that we will not be giving each other tangible gifts for the holidays but rather we will give each other coupons for future gifts/experiences. I have decided that I will be using this to create him a gift that he will remember all year long. You may ask, why not purchase the tickets for each of the events and wrap those… well, true to form the fact that we went through so many transitions this past year and my job went from full-time to a substitute and now back to full-time, we are just like many of you and working to make sure the bills get paid.  So I haven’t quite decided how I want them to flow together but I do plan to make tags like what is below.

Photo Courtesy of Little Birdie Secrets.

Won’t you join me for some crafting and creative time? I will be working from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. (at least). I will also be recording it so stop by my UStream channel at any time for the recorded version.

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