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#reverb10- Day 10 Wisdom

Author: Susannah Conway
Prompt: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

As many of you know we did a lot of moving this year. My toughest decision was made the very first week of 2010. Michael and I had just gotten back to Austin after a nice Christmas with my family and an attempted Christmas with his family. I lay awake with back pain in bed that night and just blurted out to him (waking him up of course), “We need to move back.” He didn’t understand at first as being in Austin was a dream of mine and wanting to get my doctorate from UT. I had finally had it with the stress and couldn’t take not having a full-time teaching job in a town that I loved. I was working in a long-term aide position but that’s not what I moved down there for. I wanted to start progressing in our life but it wasn’t happening.

That weekend, we decided to pack up some of our essentials and move them back into my parents house (where Michael had been living while we were apart for 6 months). I told them of the plan to move back and they were supportive as well. I started looking for work in the Dallas area and was notified of a substitute training coming up in a town about 30 miles from Dallas. It was foreign to me but I went with a smile. That day I was offered a job that would last at least 6-8 weeks (TAKS Math Tutor). Two weeks into my job, one of the teachers resigned in the math department and I took over as a long term sub for the remainder of the year. My luck had changed!

We ended up moving into our own place in Dallas and stayed there through the middle of the summer. I taught summer school and was hired on as a teacher for the 2010-2011 school year. This is where life brings me now. We have now moved to our small town where I teach and Michael is still at his job downtown. Every day I think about that decision and how it has definitely impacted our lives for the better.

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