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Tickling is NOT just for kids!

Wrapping up the wedding layouts on my blog makes me proud to announce to you that I am done scrapbooking our wedding! All the way from the bridal shower to the reception is scrapbooked, blogged and stored nicely in two WeR Memory Keepers 3-Ring Binder on the shelf in the RV so that hubby and I can look at them anytime.

Two of the last layouts that I created for the album were very fun and light hearted in nature so I wanted to keep them fairly simple.

First up is Tickle, Tickle.

Let me give you some background… 3 weeks before the wedding, Michael and I were trying to put my garage door back on the track at my house. Well, it didn’t quite go as planned and the garage door fell on my side and landed on my foot and then the top part hit me on the head. I ended up with a mild concussion and a huge bruise across the top of my foot which made it hard to put weight on. The original shoes I had planned on wearing were now out of the question as I didn’t have the strength to hold shoes on and rather needed something that was going to be strapped in.

At the reception of our wedding, after wearing these 2” heels for quite some time, I was ready for them to come off. I sat down and could do that easily. It was the putting them back on in a corset back dress that I couldn’t do. My cousin was able to let me borrow her flip flops so I would have something to wear (she went bare foot like most kids) which shocked me because at 12 she shouldn’t be wearing a size 11 shoe! Well, my flower girl decided to help me get my shoes back on and therefore she got under the table (and my dress) to slip them on for me. I am VERY ticklish and, as can be seen in the photos, was laughing the entire time.

Used some more negative space for the title circle that I layered on top of a soft yellow to pull in another color in the layout that was pretty light to begin with. I adhered some hand-drawn hearts on top with foam tape and love the final look. Let’s the story shine!

Next up was the layout about the flower and garter toss. Now, I will say that kids almost outnumbered the adults at our wedding because I invited my entire second grade class at the time. So many of them (and former students) came which made the day great!

For this layout, I used the most recent sketch from Shimelle Laine and layered like crazy behind the focal photos.

I gave the star accents because the kids really were the star of the show it seemed. It was funny to see all the adults (mostly the men) shying away from trying to catch the garter or flowers but the kids were all excited about it. LOL!

I created a small journaling card on my Cameo and cut out part of the title from it as well. Layered some shimmery red Bazzill Bling cardstock behind the journaling card and then added the rest of the title with My Little Shoebox Tiny Alpha before adding the journaling.

Now that all the wedding layouts are done, I plan to film a video walking you through each of the albums. I hope to have that up for you in the next week or so.

Have a great day and go tickle someone!

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