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Tag: word problems

5 Ways to Use Solve and Snips

5 Different Ways to Use Solve and Snips

When I began teaching Middle School math, I became apparently aware that my students detested working with word problems. It didn’t matter if I worked them with them, I asked them to show their strategies, or even let them work with partners or in groups… they HATED them. But I

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Relating Students to Word Problems

Think about this… If you had the choice, and the time, to read any book of your choosing would it be one you were truly interested in or one that you had no feeling for? most of us would choose the one we would appreciate and relate to from prior

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Problem Solving Review For Your Classroom

Finding ways to teach problem solving doesn’t have to be difficult! This review will help prepare and educate your students as well! Problem Solving Review For Your Classroom During the first few days of school, our first activity in our INB was to review the Technical Reading Strategies for word problems.

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