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Tag: Intervention

7 Ideas for Test Prep in Middle School

Test Prep… two of the most DREADED words for teachers and students alike. We all know it is coming, we all know it is (somewhat) necessary, and we all know that if we don’t try to make it fun it will be the death of both of us. Test prep

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As a new (or even seasoned ) teacher, you may be struggling with the aspects of what is Response to Intervention (RTI). What does it mean for you as a teacher and what does it mean in your classroom? I'm here to help you understand some basic components as well as link you to a FREEBIE that you can implement in your classroom from Day One (or whenever you need to start).

What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?

Our role as Educators is to ensure all students learn and are successful. In a perfect world, this would be easy. We teach our class a skill or topic and all of those smiling faces are able to comprehend and apply it to their daily lives. However, we don’t live

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Activities and Resources to build fact fluency for students of all ages

Working to Build Multiplication Fact Fluency

In my most recent newsletter I asked for people to reply to me and let me know the areas of weaknesses of their students to help you the most when creating items for intervention. While I am working on that I wanted to also create a round-up of resources so

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Filling Students Gaps while at Home

When students leave out your classroom door for the day you as a teacher have little control over what they do until they come back to your classroom the next day. How can we help guide students (and parents) to use that time wisely to help fill in gaps that

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Ready for a Pythagorarean Theorem Funny?

This past weekend I was contacted about creating a Pythagorean Theorem Solve and Snip. It was on my list of many but was probably a lot further down that any time soon so I decided that I would take time this weekend to create it and get it up. As

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