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Spring Cleaning Has Begun!

So raise your hand if you have reached that point where you just want to start over with your house so that you can start fresh? ME!

Yes, I have reached that point where I just want to simplify as much as possible because I am simply just tired of the clutter and “excess” in my life.

So, yesterday, I took about two hours and started working on my closet which I saw as the BIGGEST and BADDEST item on my To-Do list before the Garage Sale. I started by going through all of the current clothing that were in baskets and on the floor (hangs head in shame) just waiting for something to be done. I made different stacks: 1. To be sold, 2. To pack for move, 3. To hang up for 2 weeks of clothes, and 4. Michael’s clothes.

All ready for new homes!

I moved from the baskets and exploded laundry onto the closet and went through my shelves and two racks. I was so happy to get through ALL of my clothes and have so much to be able to sell at the garage sale. (Michael did ask tonight what percent still had tags on them…. only about 20%! But there is about 50% that have never been worn. )
I Can Do This!

So there you have it, I have two weeks worth of work (school) clothes, relaxing clothes for home and weekend and the staples all collapsed down into what you see here and what is working it’s way through the laundry!

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