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Many of you know that my One Little Word for 2011 is Simplify. I have been working very hard in many aspects of my life to make sure that I am simplifying things and getting rid of the clutter whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.

Recently I saw a tweet from Jennifer Wilson (@jenniferswilson) of Create More Media teasing a new and FREE workshop online that she is hosting just for scrapbookers.

What could be better than this to help me in my studio to simplify and get organized all right before an impending move? I invite you to click on over to Simple Scrapper, sign up and get on board!

P.S. What have I done to get started? I have packed up over 20 bags of scrapbooking/crafting items for my upcoming Garage Sale! I am so excited to be getting some of the weight lifted off of me so that I am not seeing it when we move. Simplify!

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