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Girlfriend Flowers Tutorial with Video (and more)

I’m not one to do many haul videos but I am constantly getting asked what I am purchasing so I am thinking maybe doing one or two a month (if the second is needed) will work just fine. This haul video was over about 2-3 weeks of doing a little here and there shopping. Did the usual at Tuesday Morning and Michaels, but I also go to throw in some shopping from Scrapbook Chicks and Etsy.

Lately, I have also been teaching a lot of scrapbooking classes and make and takes at the new local scrapbook store (Faithful Scrapper in Kaufman, TX). The customers at this store are mostly beginners and busy moms so it caters to learning new things in small doses and getting them down before moving on. This works great for me since I am so ADD it’s not funny! LOL!

Well since Spring means new flowers (to me at least) we have been playing with book pages and making all kinds of fun flowers. I call them “Girlfriend Flowers”, you can call them what ever you might like. I have filmed a video for you of how I create them as well as threading a button to add to the top for decoration.

I hope you are having a great week. We survived the crazy storms here in the Dallas area but that is just the first of many for the Spring season.

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