Scrapbooking 101- Part 1

Beginners are the life of the scrapbooking industry. They not only keep the industry hopping and more stories continue to be told as they continue with this great hobby.

Over the next few weeks I will be creating YouTube videos and blog posts about the basics of becoming a scrapbooker and what is needed as you evolve.

The first video that I have created is about the supplies that you will need to pack when taking a class. This is also called a Basic Tool Kit. Personally, these supplies are the ones that I grab on a regular basis and for the most part are a tool that is needed to tell your story.

Basic Tool Kit:

– adhesive

– cutting tools (scissors and trimmer)

– ruler

– tweezers

– bone folder

– pen, pencils and markers

– inks (brown, black and embossing ink)

I hope you enjoy this first part of Scrapbooking 101. I look forward to bringing the next installment to you next Monday.

My upcoming class dates are February 5th (Make and Take), February 12th, March 5th and March 16th (Kids class).

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