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Choose ANY 20!

This past week I had a special request for several different sheets of the My Mind’s Eye Lost and Found papers so it got me to thinking, “What if someone wants a little of this and a little of that?” Well scrappers, here is the answer!

I have put in the Etsy shop a “Choose any 20” collection! You will be able to hand-select 20 papers from the four My Mind’s Eye Lost and Found Collections and receive them at WHOLESALE pricing! You read that right! Instead of the $0.99/sheet retail, you will get them for $0.50/sheet. (The extra $0.25 covers the listing fee.)

Madison Avenue
– The papers included in this collection are: Journal, Pintuck, Delightful, Labeled, Lovely, J’Adore, Dress Shop, Polka, Boutique and Lace.

Market Street
– The papers included in this collection are: Fly Away, Pleated Skirt, Princess Crowns, Lovely Lady, Dictionary, Tapestry, Shabby Chic, French Stripe, Beautiful and Demure.

Portobello Road
– The papers included in this collection are: Celebrate, Looking Glass, Dapper Dots, Cowboy, Love Birds, Dearest, Perfect, Flannel, Brocade and First Class.

Union Square– The papers included in this kit are: Birds of a Feather, Union Station, Happy, Damask, Journey, Paris, Love, Collage, Charming and Seamstress.

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