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Holiday Shopping and Etsy Update

Raise your hand if you have been shopping like crazy to get all of your Christmas presents taken care of this year?  I will say that hubby and I have thankfully not been doing that because we had been planning all year.  We have the remaining gifts planned but just haven’t picked them up yet as they are not something that is going to run out.  LOL!

Have you treated yourself this holiday season?  Do you have something on your wish list that you want your loved ones to get you?  Do you have scrapbooking friends that you want to get something for? I wanted to let you know of some new things that I have put up on Etsy and created videos for as well.  But don’t forget, all of my prices have been slashed 10% from now through December 15th AND all My Minds Eye collections will have FREE shipping between now and December 31st (refunded after ordering).

Button Soup (sold in 12 oz and by the pound)

I will also be listing up many new products tonight when I return from my a wedding rehearsal.  As I stated in the video, we had a special order pull out and there are MANY products that I will need to find a home for now! 🙂

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