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Properties of A Circle and a FREEBIE

I warned you that I have been full of ideas lately so hear goes ANOTHER post with a NEW idea! And I will give credit because the basic idea for this came from my lovely new math friends at Kirby Middle School.

As I was walking around and ideas were floating about various ways to use different flippables across the curriculum one of the teachers mentioned that he would use it to show the different properties of a circle. So of course that idea got tucked in the back of my head until Tuesday I received an email from one of my readers/followers who was asking for a flippable on the same topic! It was kismet!

Properties of A Circle Flippable

So first of all this starts with a “Pacman” flippable. Yes, it got a new name while I was at this last workshop and it kind of stuck. You are able to decorate the front with the title of the flippable and make it personal. Remember: COLOR helps a student buy in to their work because they can make it PERSONAL!

Properties of A Circle Formulas

Open it up and there is room to write the formulas for circumference and area of a circle to have a reference for the future. Nothing too fancy but it has my notes for reference so I won’t forget my formulas!

Properties of A Circle Full Flippable

The inside is where it is all at! As you can see the words are already on the different areas of the circle. Students will need 4 different colors to highlight the areas and the word that goes along with each area. I then also went in an wrote a definition for each so that I would make sure to show that they are not only in that location but are in various other locations on the circle as well.

I would DEFINITELY take notes about that on the notebook paper around the flippable so that students would remember that (for example) an arc is not in the location of the one arc on the flippable but rather all over the circle.


What are you waiting for? Go grab it for FREE!

Happy Birthday Meg

Oh, and my blogging buddy Meg over at The Teacher’s Studio has some fun going on for her BIRTHDAY today! Go read her post and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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