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Equations are Everything!

As a result of trying to continue to pre-plan, this weekend I knew that I was going to be introducing expressions and equations to my 7th graders. As a review for next week, I wanted to extend their thinking on how to find equations within a word problem and be able to identify the constants and variables before solving.

Knowing the end goal, I started to work on creating a game that my students could play in class and review their skills. Well, I couldn’t stop at just one so after creating Trick or Treat Equations, I decided to use the same base and create Apple-icious Equations.

Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store to purchase!
Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store to purchase!

Honestly, I am beyond excited about these games. I have printed out three copies of each and am going to have one going at each table. Half the class will be doing Trick or Treat Equations with Halloween themed characters and problems while the other half of the class is working Apple-icious Equations with a popular TV show (for my students) themed characters and problems. When we are done, we can check together because I made the equations and answers line up for both of the games! How awesome is that?

Both games have high-quality graphics on each of the 24 cards for the game. The both also come with directions that go along with each way to play the game and are reflected in the two different types of recording sheets for the games.

Click on the picture to be taken to purchase both games for a savings of $1!

Now if you are like me and want to have both games going, you are going to want to save the $1 and purchase the bundle! Yep, 2 games for only $7! What a steal! I guarantee you will use this over and over in your class for review even if it is pulling out one of the 24 cards from either game and having students create and solve the equation as a warm-up or exit ticket!

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