New Unit- 7th Grade Geometry

Geometery Interactive Notebook

Wow, this unit feels like it has lasted forever already since I have been out for my Kidney Stone. Lets go through a brief visual synopsis of where we have arrived so far.

Day 1: Building Blocks of Geometry Flippable and Practice

Day 2: Complementary and Supplementary Angles Flippable

Day 3: Types of Angles Flippable & Exit Ticket

Day 4: Angle Relationships Flippable

Day 5-7: Pirate Geometry Project

I will say being out of my classroom for 10 days (we block two days a week and I haven’t finished the cover for Day 8’s lesson) while on bed rest and having surgery has made it so hard for me to release the reigns on my classes and let someone else teach. I don’t know how I will ever do it for Maternity Leave when the time comes. 😉

I am so happy I was able to throw in the Pirate Geometry project in during this time as this allowed my students to review what they had learned in class, re-read their notes and demonstrate their mastery in an alternative way and was great for a sub to pick up where I was and me not worrying about having to reteach.

All of these activities are currently sold separately in my TpT store for $3 each & they give full detail where anyone could pick up the lesson, make copies and go to town teaching! The rest of the unit as well as the completed unit will be available next week.

I hope you continue to enjoy my activities as the ideas aren’t slowing down anytime soon! I’ve got some amazing things in the works and can’t wait to wrap them up to share!

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