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Fantastic Fall-Ower Giveaway and Success in Secondary Linky Party

Hello, first let me say thank you for the continued well wishes and patience as I’ve been going through the surgery to break up the kidney stone and on the road to recovery. I go back on the 28th to have the stint removed and already am tired of its nagging pain (actually went home from work early today, my first day back, because of the pain).

Click the pic to be taken to the Giveaway post!

Without further ado, the winners of the 4 Fantastic Fall-ower Giveaways are…

Giveaway 1: Cherie M.

Giveaway 2: Nikki L.

Giveaway 3: Connie

Giveaway 4: Kirra L.

You should be receiving an email from me and then follow-up emails from the donators with the product of yours that you have won! Please don’t forget to thank them for taking time to donate as well!

Well, since I’ve been on bed rest for the past week I have had nothing better to do then think of new ideas for my family, my class, my blog and my TpT store.

One of those ideas is coming to fruition! Twice monthly I will be hosting a “Success in Secondary” Linky Party! The rules are simple…

1. You should only link up activities for 6th-12th grades.
2. You may link up to 2 paid items and 1 FREE item during each Linky Party.
3. Follow the “Rule of 3” and leave a comment on three other items that people have posted. Some will be linked up to TpT and not a blog and that’s okay.

For my first “Success in Secondary” link-up, I’d like to share a FREEBIE that I created this past week.

My Winter Word Problems Solve & Snip for 6th-7th is available in my TpT store to grab for FREE! Better than that, I just finished creating and uploading information 5-6th grade as well (click pics to link to the FREEBIES)! Both are aligned to Common Core State Standards as well as Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (or TEKS).

Click the pictures to be taken to my TpT Store to download for FREE!

Each Solve & Snip has a total of 10 real-world word problems, room to show work and a separate answer bank. With the answer bank students cut apart the answers and glue them next to the appropriate word problem! Totally interactive and engaging while they are able to demonstrate skills.

Click to grab for FREE from my TpT Store!

My students love working with Solve & Snips and continue to drive me to make more! Homework has become less of a hassle because of a different style of learning they are working with. You can check out all of my current Solve & Snips that I’ve created. I have approximately 30 more started and am working on them as the time allows. Once I finish 6th, I plan to move on to 7th and 8th. All Solve & Snips will only be $1 each!

Click the link to be directed to my TpT store to download for only $1!

Once I finish a grade level I will over them as a bundle but that will likely be in late Spring/Summer. If you have any topics you would like me to bump to the top of the list, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Off to go checkout some of your Successful Secondary links!

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