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Math in Real Life: Preparing for a Conference

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   ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ What a crazy month it has been for me and LOTS of math has been involved for sure! Last night I got home from Arkansas Association of Middle Level Educators Conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas where I met a couple of hundred wonderful teachers from all over Arkansas!
To get ready for the conference where I would be presenting and exhibiting there were a few different things that had to get done.
Preparing to Bag
My dining room started to look quite crazy as we were nearing the week before the conference. Each of the boxes contained goodies from the teachers being represented at the table and they each had their special space.
Stamping Bags
Stamping bags was a labor of love for about two weeks. Hubby and I worked each night and got all 300 bags done! Broke it down into groups of 25 so we could see progress.
Boxing Bags
Finding a way to transport the bags that was economical as well as was able to fit as many as possible without being too heavy was a chore. Hubby and I grabbed boxes from Home Depot and I was able to fit in 84 bags, or 4 layers of 21, in each box. Since I needed to take 300 bags with me I had quite a few boxes to fill and then fit in my car. Quite a bit of playing Tetris.
Booth Set Up
Every conference is different and the booth size at this conference was 8′ by 8′. I was provided with a 6′ table  and knew that I needed more room than that to display all the great stuff from the teachers participating. I added in two 5′ tables and it turned out great. I might have mapped it out on some graph paper before I went.
Chatting with Teachers
And last, but certainly NOT LEAST, making connections with other teachers added great people to my network of teachers. The three educators above were talking about Unthinkable by Live.Love.Math where students work on their vocabulary in a game format.
I had a great time at the conference and look forward to the next one that I have coming up in Tulsa, Oklahoma followed by New Orleans, Louisiana.

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