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5 Reasons Why I Haven’t Been Around to Blog

I know it’s been awhile since I have blogged and I promise I’ve some great excuses reasons. Just a little catch up as the crazy busy week continues.

Meet Buddy

Meet Buddy the newest member of our family. He is 3 months old today and so much fun. We rescued him from a local rescue organization where he was with his 4 litter mates. Buddy is a Basset/Beagle mix otherwise known as a Bagle. The last 10 days have been full of crate training, puppy pads, chewing on things appropriate (and inappropriate), daily nap time and so much more.

The girls are getting used to him and they see him as their brother. They are at the tolerating point right now and still jealous over affection.

photo 2

So the same day that we adopted Buddy we also bought new mountain bikes to start getting some exercise. Well of course you get to test your bike before you buy it. I didn’t know the bike store was in the plans or I would have planned a better outfit for sure. Needless to say when I was taking my test ride I was trying to turn at the end of the driveway and my sandal slipped a bit so while trying to get it back on I ran into a concrete ramp, the bike fell over and of course I tried to catch myself. All I thought was that it was some scrapes on my arm and leg but the next day we decided that a splint was in order because of the lack of motion in my wrist.

Now that it has been 10 days I’m trying to have more time without the splint but I still have to take it easy. Hubby keeps teasing me that my middle name should have been Grace.

Notebook Workshop

I’ve been also doing a lot of work to get ready for Arkansas Association of Middle Level Educators (#AAMLE14) where I will not only be presenting next week but ALSO exhibiting! I am so excited and can’t wait to present this new session.

Booth Banner

Lots of work has been happening to get my booth stuff ready and one of those things is the banner above. I cut out the burlap using a stencil I created with KG Flavor and Frames Four. Someone should have told me the tricks of burlap before cutting because I had to go back and spray starch and iron every piece before painting the letters on. Hot Glue was my friend to get the pennants on the jute rope before I tied on the fabric in between each letter. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Conference Chaos

Yep, more conference prep. The table is where I am working on prepping goody bags before my back gives out for good, boxes of goodies from fellow teachers I am marketing for at #AAMLE. Tubs full of marketing books, task card samples, session supplies and so much more. I tell you it is organized and I understand the chaos that it entails.

So now you can see I’ve been a bit busy and away from the computer. My goals for when I return from Arkansas next week are to get back to finishing the last of the two units (one for 6th grade and one for 8th grade) to complete the Interactive Notebook Bundles. Once those are complete samples will be started and added.

And a TEASE for my Texas Peeps! I just finished getting the alignment done for the Common Core to NEW MATH TEKS for 6th-8th grade and I will be creating a completely TEKS aligned Interactive Notebook just for you! Goal is to have it up and running before CAMT in July so that I can have it there for you to purchase!

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