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Introducing May’s Owl-Some Featured Friend: MissMathDork

Seriously, who could ask for a better friend than MissMathDork herself? She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s kooky and sometimes I think we share a brain!


MissMathDork and I met through Teachers Pay Teachers and have formed an awesome bond since we are both not only math teachers but share a lot of things in common. MissMathDork, or Jamie, is a dog mom, shares in some geekiness (she is more of a geek than I am),  and the BEST part is  married her hubby Mark on 4/4/2009. Why is that awesome? Well, I am Jennifer and I married my hubby Michael on 4/4/2009. Yep, we are both M&J couples with the same wedding date! I feel honored to have her as my very first Owl-Some Featured Friend her at 4mulaFun.

 photo MMD_propertyprogression_zps5c253d91.jpg

MissMathDork has been cranking out the face-lifts on her products lately and it just encourages me to do the same. Her most recent was her Property Progression game for Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1. I am in love and can’t wait to see what else she creates using this concept!

 photo MMD_Patterns_zps768abdf4.jpg

From a math teacher who HATES teaching sequences, I fell head over heels with Pattern Pick Up. Patterns are so hard to get my kiddos to grasp when they get into the algebraic side of things. These will so help my students “interact” with sequences and relate them to equations that lead to demonstrating arithmetic and geometric sequences.

 photo MMD_relays_zpsbaedcbf8.jpg

And  this FABULOUS bundle of her Seasonal and Holiday Relays is awesome! I can tell you from using her St. Patrick’s Relay over Mean, Median, Mode and Range that my students LOVED reviewing their skills in this method. I can’t wait to use these again in my small groups next year! Definitely something to grab and work on over the summer to be ready for next school year!

Wow, didn’t realize how many of MissMathDork’s products I have personally used in my classroom! Maybe I should just invest and buy her store!

 photo OwlSomeFeaturedFriend_Logo_zps808aaf8d.png

Thank you for taking time to meet my Owl-Some Featured Friend. If you are interested in being an Owl-Some Featured Friend her at 4mulaFun, please check out my advertising page for more information! 🙂

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