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With a Heavy Heart…

After this week’s storms ripped across Oklahoma, I couldn’t not help in my own way. I feel for the teachers in Moore who will be starting over as I know it is not easy in any form or fashion.

Last night Ashley, of The Teacher’s Treasure Chest, jumped on our Facebook Group and said she had to do something to help. I was one of the first to submit two different products (Quick Snips for All Decimal Operations and Metric Measurement Solve and Snip) to Teachers Love Oklahoma.

 photo TeachersLoveOklahoma_zps8c5399f9.jpg

For a $25 donation you will receive over $150 in products from teachers all over. The money is being donated directly to American Red Cross to be used for relief efforts.

Then I also jumped on the bandwagon over at Teacher’s Notebook and donated my Measurement Mayhem with the Halflings to the cause! 🙂

I know it’s not much but with combined efforts of tons of other teachers both of these bundles could be AMAZING! Check them out for yourself!

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