Math in Real Life during Thanksgiving

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Every year at this time it seems as if we each are cooking and baking up a storm. I did just that last week for Thanksgiving and I had to use a bit of math in my calculations as the original servings for the recipe weren’t enough to feed the 15 guests at our table. This recipe is one of many that I have on my Paleo Recipes Pinterest board and definitely what hubby and I needed for the holidays as we are always looking for more ways to get in some protein!

Math Is Real Life during Thanksgiving

Knowing that I wanted to increase my recipe, I printed it out so I could do all of the math to double it right on the recipe. I started with cutting sweet potatoesthe four sweet potatoes that had to be cut into chunks. I will tell you that this was probably the hardest part as the sweet potatoes weren’t soft. I took time to do this the night before and just put them in the refrigerator so they could easily be prepped and cooked the next day.

making the sauce


Preparing the “sauce” was actually quite easy. I grabbed our largest sauce pan and put in the ingredients as directed. I worried that there wasn’t going to be enough for the sheer amount of sweet potatoes but it worked out great.


mixing sweet potatoesMixing up all of the sweet potatoes in the sauce pan had to be done in two different batches but it worked really well. Honestly at this point I was a bit worried about the chili powder in the recipe.


laying out the baconAfter cutting the bacon in half I filled my cutting board with bacon. I kind of got a bit competitive at this point to see how many slices of bacon I could fit on the board at a time.

rolling sweet potatoes

Rolling the sweet potatoes proved that you do need smaller chunks for the rolling on the bacon. And putting toothpicks through HARD sweet potatoes… what a chore!

preparing sweet potatoesI started lining them all up in the foil pans that we had purchased (easier to travel with- wouldn’t have used these at home) as I was assembling them. They sure didn’t look pretty at this point.

I started to then try and play with how many I could fit into each row and column hoping ot get the most area of the pan covered without wasting space, much like a game of tetris.ready to bake

I can’t stress how important flipping them over during cooking is. If you don’t you will not have crispy bacon on both sides as they will be laying in bacon grease. final outcome


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