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Currently in December

Another month is here and Farley is hosting her Currenlty once again! This month is quite fun and I hope that you will join in and link up!

December Currently

Listening: I got a little tired of waiting for it to show up on NetFlix so I just broke down and grabbed Season 3 of American Horror Story on Amazon. Yep, it’s awesome!

Loving: Hubby introduced me to these and we LOVE them. With some added peanut butter it is a perfect source of protein to start my day or to even give me some comfort food when needed,

Thinking: I am so happy to have my planner where I can mark it up with all kinds of notes on what I need to do each week. It seriously makes my life not so psychotic!

Wanting: I really am blessed to not have wants. I have my needs met and when I do want something I rationalize if I would use it enough (or if I just need to treat myself).

Needing: Yes, waking up at 7am to the Carbon Monoxide detector going off is NOT fun! I had just gotten to sleep at about 5:30am!

Giving: Yep, I’m doing 4 Weeks of Fun with 4mulaFun for all of my newsletter subscribers! You can grab today’s edition here and then subscribe to get the next weeks delivered straight to your email!

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