Interactive Activities are the way to go!

This year I knew through using Interactive Notebooks that anything I could get my students manipulating with scissors and glue was a winner. This was the motivation behind creating Solve and Snips for Interactive Practice and Intervention in my classroom.

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Each Solve and Snip activity are aligned to TEKS (Texas Standards) as well as Common Core State Standards. Since I work with 7th Grade Math and 7th and 8th Grade Resource Math, I have started with the 6th Grade Math Standards for Texas and am working my way on up through 8th grade as I create.

Each Solve and Snip comes with a 2 page Interactive Practice Activity and a sheet that includes 4 sets of the answer boxes (as well as an answer key for the teachers). As you can see, I copy the answer boxes on colored paper to make it a bit more interesting and fun for my students.

First step is the easiest… simply cut out the answers from the slip of answer boxes that each student receives.

Next, the students are able to work through (at their own pace and skipping around as they like) to solve each problem. I have my students solve each problem and then check to see if the answer is one of the choices given. This way they know immediately if they need to go back and re-work the problem as there are 10 problems and 10 answers.

Once they have checked to see if all of their answers are available it’s now time to go back and glue each answer down. We have done these as homework, classwork, reteaching, small groups and all kinds of stuff in my classroom and my students really enjoy the aspect of being able to work and self-check at the same time.

Typically when we do these in class, I have my answer key placed in the front of the room and they are allowed to go check it as needed with no more than 2 students at the board at a time.

One of my students recently decided that he was going to challenge himself to no look until he was completely done (he had prior been looking after EVERY problem). He got all the way through problem 7 before he had made a mistake. He knew it was down to four possible answer choices and his wasn’t there. Instead of being frustrated, he moved on to problem 8 and kept working through the end. When he knew what his final answer was going to be he looked back through his work and saw his decimal was simply in the wrong place!

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I seriously wish I had started creating (and using) these sooner! I’m almost completely through the 6th Grade Standards and then will be moving on to 7th and 8th. If you are interested in checking out one for free, go snatch up my Winter Word Problems Solve and Snip. I have it available for 5th/6th as well as 6th/7th.

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