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Do You Use C-Scope Curriculum?

“CSCOPE is a curriculum support system that is fully aligned to the TEKS designed to provide a common language, process and structure for curriculum development,” says ESC Region 19.

I have been in a district that uses CSCOPE for the past four years and definitely think that through teaching 7th and 8t grade math I have given it a true test.

My first year of teaching 8th grade CSCOPE I enjoyed the fact that the questions were there for me despite it being my 6th year teaching. It was my first year in the grade level and I was getting my bearings for what all needed to be covered. It reminded me of my first year teaching with Saxon Math as I was able to just regurgitate what was written.

What I didn’t expect was the constant frustration of my students as well as needing to implement extra materials to help further their understanding and allow for extra practice of the material being taught. When it comes down to it I as doing at least double the work, if not more.

My second year, I began supplementing with Interactive Notebooks and tailoring what I could from the CSCOPE activites to fit into my notebook as well as beginning to create practice materials for my students to use as well as notes all summed up nice and pretty for their reference.

As the years went on I saw how valuable the Interactive Notebooks I was using had become to my students. In fact, I even began tutoring an 8th grade student this year (I’ve moved down to 7th grade Math and Resource Math) that I taught his sister three school years ago in my first year of Interactive Notebooks. He uses her Interactive Notebook now to help him in his daily work in his Pre-Algebra class.

Click the pic to go to TpT for the Integer Operations Anchor Chart and Practice Lesson

This year I knew I wanted to completely stay with the CSCOPE Scope and Sequence on when things would be covered but all of the materials would be created by me (or found from other awesome teachers) and tailored to fit our lessons in our Interactive Notebooks.

Here is the latest update video that I created for our Interactive Notebooks (more are coming I promise) and as I look at it I never would have thought my Interactive Notebooks and activities I have written had come this far. My students are truly enjoying math and learning! How awesome is that?

I have all of my curriculum bundles (and independent activities) shared in my TpT Store and my TN store for you to peruse. I keep individual lessons low (only $2) and add in various activities, practice and games (great for tutorials or reteaching) as well as wrap them all together in a bundle when I have finished a unit and then pass on the savings (at least 25%) to you!

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